Profile of a Driverseat Designated Driver

Profile of a Driverseat Designated Driver

Putting your finger on what makes someone a great Coachman with Driverseat is very difficult, if not, impossible. Every person who has or is working with us does so for different reasons. We have had a number of people over the years who have said, “I never thought I would do a job like this, but its such a great fit for me.”

For that reason, we thought we would provide you with some insight into what types of people become a Coachman, and what motivates them to provide Driverseat services to our customers.


Driverseat Designated Driver Service
Driverseat provides Designated Driver services, driving customers home in their own vehicle.

Driverseat Coachmen and Coachwomen are:


Yes, there are a lot of retired couples or friends who provide our Designated Driver services in the 200+ communities we operate in. They love the flexibility, autonomy, and “feel good nature” of what we do.

Young Couples

Driverseat Designated Driver
Driverseat Coachman helps a customer get into their vehicle.

What better way to spend some time together and save for that first house, or new car, then to work together as Designated Drivers in the evenings. Young couples also generally have the energy and ability to get out and promote the service while being on-call, thereby creating more business, and earning more money.

Community Heroes

Police officers, paramedics, firefighters, nurses and other heroes in our communities are providing Designated Driver services, and while it can be related to earning extra money, it is often more related to the impact of what they have seen when impaired driving is taking place.

Business Owners

Interestingly enough, we have had many Coachmen and Coachwomen who are real estate agents, entrepreneurs, small business owners, renovators, or landscapers who are either building their business, or are part of a startup that has not started producing income yet. The flexibility of our service offering and autonomy it offers is a huge attraction for these folks.

There are so many other people who have joined our teams across our franchise, who have come from all walks of life. That’s what makes this business so much fun, customers and Coachmen alike strike up a conversation that can take any direction, based on each other’s life story and experiences.

So, that’s the “Who” of the Driverseat team. Now let’s explore the “Why”…

Driverseat Coachman in customer's vehicle
A Driverseat Coachman drives a customer’s vehicle.

Show me the money!

This is the most obvious answer for someone taking a part time job. Of course, there is opportunity during peak times to provide many rides, and make some great money. Can we only provide our service during peak times? No, so there in lies the other reasons that follow…

Make a contribution

Many of our Coachmen and Coachwomen work as Designated Drivers or within our Assisted Transport service because they want to make a contribution and keep the streets safe. Whether they have had some significant experience in their lives, or they simply have a desire to give back to the community, providing a great service (and earning some money at the same time) is a great way to accomplish this.

Get me out of the house

Yes, believe it or not, we have had many teams join our Designated Driver service simply as a hobby or to get out of the house and do something fun. There are very few options available for people to get out into the community and do something meaningful unless they are volunteering their time as a community service. Well, we consider our Designated Driver offering as a community service, but the great benefit is that you get paid to do it!

I’ve been impacted by impaired driving

Naturally, with the high instances of impaired driving in our communities, many people have, in some way, been impacted. As a Driverseat Designated Driver, you can make a significant difference in helping people to make responsible choices, simply by being available to them. So often we hear from our clients that they “could have driven but just didn’t want to take the chance.”. If a Designated Driver was not readily available for that individual, it could be assumed that they may have opted to take that chance, to ensure they had their car available to them the next day.

13418645_1322761604405055_709257622977826056_oProviding this service is a lot of fun, you meet great people and drive some interesting vehicles. So what’s the downside? Well, we are boutique service and have no way of predicting demand. Sure, there are lots of people willing to work peak times but impaired driving takes place 24/7. We want to put an end to it, but cannot do so without committed people willing to invest their time.