Why People are Loving our New Designated Driver App

Why People are Loving our New Designated Driver App

Driverseat's app works on iPhone and Android
Driverseat app shown on iPhone 6 Plus

Change is always tough, and the launch of our new mobile app was no exception. Going from a system where you can call 24/7, pay cash, and not worry about downloading app-thingy’s, to a system where you create your profile, enter your credit card and book a Coachman in a matter of seconds seemed like an extremely simple transition, but it wasn’t. We were told countless times that our new system was going to cost us customers, and cause our business to suffer. We were told that most people will not put a credit card into an app, and that many people still don’t have smartphones. Well, we were all right.

Our clients who have migrated to the app are loving the simplicity, the new pricing, the fact that they can see their Coachman approaching on their screen, and the billing automation that charges their credit card and instantly sends a receipt.

Our Coachmen are loving the automation, the visibility of the available rides, and the tens of thousands of great new customers who have downloaded it since our launch in July.

Our “non-techy” customers are also very happy, because instead of drawing a line in the sand, we have provided them with options to call in advance and book with us during regular business hours, and we have also created an online booking portal that allows them to reserve their Designated Driver through our website or Facebook pages.

With this new advancement in our business, we are poised for great growth, and we couldn’t be more excited! All we can say is, get our app and try it soon. You’ll love being able to go wherever you want in your vehicle, and quickly and instantly have access to a professional Designated Driver to get you home safely.DS Image - Man Driving Car Looking Back - HUGE FORMAT with HAT

Downloading is simple, click the links below from your phone and you will taken right to the download page.

Apple Store – https://goo.gl/P9Ruf6

Android Store – https://goo.gl/ZS5zS8