How Driverseat has Capitalized on the Airport Shuttle Industry

How Driverseat has Capitalized on the Airport Shuttle Industry

The pent-up demand for air travel is creating a boom in the airport shuttle market. Our franchisees are reporting significant increases in trip requests for airports across Canada and the U.S. In some cases, major airports could have a dozen bright orange Driverseat vans from multiple franchise locations simultaneously picking up groups returning from their trips. 

Driverseat has designed affordable and flexible packages for our customers to help meet their needs, as well as ramped up operations to accommodate the overwhelming demand for airport shuttles.

We have focused our energy on three key customers that have driven our airport shuttle business over the past few months and will continue to elevate our airport service in each franchise.


1. Student 

Since the beginning of September, University and College students have been travelling all over North America to move into school. Driverseat franchisees have received mass amounts of bookings to transport students from the airport. Driverseat takes pride in creating a safe and affordable way for students to get home.




2. Business 

Essential business flights carried Driverseat through the pandemic when most travel was shut down, and still accounts for the vast majority of our trips. Business trips are very common for the working class, which is why we recommend travelling in the most comfortable vehicles with the best Chauffeurs to enhance your experience.




3. Vacation

As tourism has re-opened, we are all desperate to get on a plane and travel anywhere. As travel has begun to soar, we’ve already received many inquiries and bookings for trips all the way into the early months of 2022. Driverseat franchisees are excited to help their customers kick off their vacation the second they walk out their front door.



Driverseat is thankful and ecstatic to be able to safely transport our customers to-and-from the airport. Please reach out if you’re interested in learning more about how our franchisees have been able to capitalize on this opportunity.