Driverseat Tests New Elite Black SUV Service

Driverseat Tests New Elite Black SUV Service

There is nothing like a black executive class SUV driven by a professional Chauffeur to add a touch of luxury to an event. We suppose you could say it makes the experience elite. 

Driverseat Elite is the Elite service for everyone that is now being offered at select locations. These Terminals will provide the opportunity to experience Driverseat at a high-class level with the competitive pricing and flexible terms available. Customers can choose between our traditional shuttle services and Elite when booking weddings, wine tours and airport transportation. 

We’re leveraging our strength as a brand and our franchise network to offer Driverseat Elite at more affordable rates than traditional black car companies. We are able to do that because of the breadth of services we offer, and how we manage our fleet utilization. That’s ‘transportation talk’ that essentially means we want our clients to enjoy the luxury and benefits of an exclusive service without the elitist price tag. 

Driverseat has designed Driverseat Elite to include many benefits: 



1. Customizability

Creating a customizable experience is ideal for our target market, as every event has different needs and requirements. With the ability to customize a package that works best, you will experience a high-quality service designed specifically for you. We will ask you all of the right questions to ensure we can handle the transportation piece and you can focus on your event. 



2. Privacy 

Driverseat has designed a private door-to-door experience to transport you to-and-from destinations such as the airport. In the privacy of our executive class SUV, you and your group can travel in style without having to worry about finding a seat or storing your luggage. 




3. Safety

Our Chauffeurs are committed to ensuring our customers remain healthy and safe during their travels with us. We have strict COVID-19 protocols in place to protect our guests and Chauffeurs throughout their time together. Driverseat takes safety precautions seriously, and we highly prioritize the safety of our customers. To learn more about the products we use, visit 



4. Luxurious Experience  

Our executive class SUVs are equipped with many perks that we are excited to provide our customers, as we believe everyone deserves a high-class experience. With an abundance of legroom and cargo space, rear-seat media systems and built-in car wifi, the Driverseat Elite experience will always be a luxurious event for our customers. 


Driverseat Elite is now available in Waterloo Region and the City of Barrie (both in Ontario).