How to Land a $2.7 Million Sale

How to Land a $2.7 Million Sale

How does a franchise that has an initial cost of under $50,000 to open have the ability and capacity to land a $2.7 million sale?  Read more here to find out.


When Driverseat launched in 2012, it was designed as a consumer services brand, providing chauffeur services with a goal to incorporate shuttle services.  By 2013, the business had franchised and by 2015 had launched shuttle services.


Fast forward to 2020.

We are an international brand.

We provide Driverseat services to over 400 communities.

We have enjoyed contracts with various levels of governments, many businesses and not-for-profit organizations.


One of our smallest locations recently landed a new contract to provide transit services between cities throughout a county.  While this isn’t the largest sale ever made at Driverseat, it is noteworthy nonetheless, at $2.7 million over 3 years.  


Two interesting items to note:


1. This was done during Covid slowdowns when many shuttle companies had closed their doors or temporarily suspended their service.


2. The franchisee had only been in business for a matter of months, not years.


One of our core values is to Build Meaningful Relationships.  This is exactly how we landed a sizable sale, and how we collectively will land many more.  We don’t “transact”, we build a brand, a personal brand, an employment brand and a services brand.   We know how to out care the competition and we know how to identify pain points with our customers and help solve them.


If you transact – you are missing a significant opportunity.  People like to do business with who they know and trust.  Trust is earned, not bought.


Brian Bazely is the CEO & co-founder of Driverseat