What Driverseat New Franchisee Training (NFT) Looks Like

What Driverseat New Franchisee Training (NFT) Looks Like

What Driverseat New Franchisee Training (NFT) Looks Like

The training and development of franchisees at Driverseat never stops.  However, what happens during NFT sets the stage for the franchise location opening and helps the franchisee prepare to run their business.

Franchisee training is an essential investment for Driverseat and its franchisees. Effective training, along with ongoing support, is critical to the success of our Franchisees. 

We use a blended training technique stretched over time which includes online learning methods, classroom, webinar, on-site training, and hands-on practical aspects of the business. Training content can be divided into 3 phases:



This pre-training provides in-depth learning about local market trends along with operations, and includes structured checklists for activities that should be accomplished by the Franchisee before moving to the next phase. We use webinars and video calls to reinforce learning. 



Here we go further into valuable operational information, but with a focus on establishing relationships and conveying our corporate culture. This stage is critical to arming new franchisees with exposure to our governance and core values. Online training and webinars are enhanced by paired exercises, role-plays, and case studies. Every effort is made to have franchisees observe actual operations, with the seasoned eye of experience close by. We include other Franchisees at this stage to ensure a broad range of perspectives and experience. Practical activities that franchisees can accomplish in their own locations, along with lots of practice are a big part of this phase.


Jump Start

During this stage, we implement the information from previous training modules. Some topics from Foundations are revisited now that the Franchisee has more context for understanding. We focus on a soft launch to get teams hired and vehicles moving, and iron out the kinks before the formal grand opening. The goal is for franchisees to digest content at a time, and in a location, where they can apply it immediately.

We aim to train new franchisees in a manner that they can apply what they have learned to achieve better business ramp-ups, and increase the likelihood of their success, as well as strengthening the system as a whole.


Leanne Shanks

Director of Franchise Support