What Is It Like To Own A Driverseat Franchise?

What Is It Like To Own A Driverseat Franchise?

Daily Tasks of a Franchisee

As a franchisee, you wear several hats, and some of your early responsibilities may include networking, company development, marketing and sales growth, and developing an employment brand. As your company matures and your team expands, your everyday tasks will change. Hiring an administrative, marketing, or sales assistant will let you focus on areas where you excel, for example, operations.




Our Innovative Franchise System 

Our innovative business model allows you to work from home and avoid upfront investments. You have the ability to be autonomous and simultaneously scale-up capital requirements and your revenue. As you continue to build your business, you can keep your overhead and capital expenditures low. 




Work For Yourself But Not By Yourself

We put extensive effort into our training processes, weekly webinars, and advanced training online through Driverseat University. We help prepare you with all of the assets you will need to be successful and continue our support through open communication and assistance with any questions you may have throughout the process.  




Driverseat Service Offerings

We offer innovative and extensive service offerings and cater to different market segments to accommodate everyone. Our Chauffeur services involve a driver operating a client’s vehicle, whether it’s to drive them to the airport, a medical appointment, or in the case of vehicle relocation. Our Designated Driver service also involves a Chauffeur transporting impaired clients home from a night out or dinner and drinks. Our shuttle services include fleet vans or passenger vans that involve a charter type of service. For example, transporting clients to the airport, a concert, a winery, or a brewery tour. Our employment shuttles and micro transit are also included in our shuttle service offerings. There is always an opportunity for someone to use our services.  



Watch Co-founder, Luke Bazely, further discuss the advantages of becoming a Driverseat Franchise Partner and the services we offer in the videos below!