What Technology/Software Can You Get From Driverseat?

What Technology/Software Can You Get From Driverseat?

There are so many advantages to opening a franchise. Along with the brand awareness, recipe for success, and coaching and support you receive, you’ll also get an incredible suite of software and technology tools that would be unattainable for a small independent startup. 

Technology has immensely changed the way a business operates and stays competitive. Having a technology team in your corner at the head office means you can focus on what’s important… growing your business. 

As a Driverseat franchise partner, here are some of the technology or software platforms that come with your franchise: 


Productivity Software 

We have carefully selected productivity software that will allow you to be efficient, collaborate with your Driverseat Business Coach and manage your projects seamlessly in one platform. Google Workspace manages all aspects of our daily work and has thousands of simple and inexpensive third-party add-ons that allow you to expand the platform without making it costly or complicated. The integrated approach means that with minimal effort, you can collaborate on documents in real-time, jump into a video call with a single click, manage your email and schedule your day with ease. This real-time collaboration reduces the time spent in meetings, provides you with coaching in a faster and more efficient way, and allows you to stay extraordinarily organized. Because we have implemented an enterprise version of the platform, you save money and gain an incredible IT department.  


Accounting Software 

Bookkeeping can be complex but it can also be easily overcomplicated. By utilizing an off-the-shelf platform that is readily available, we are able to take advantage of the platform’s simplicity, while negotiating favourable pricing that would not be possible independently. Our common approach to bookkeeping and accounting means that the difficult decisions that need to be made in terms of structuring your books are already made. As a turnkey solution, you’ll be able to manage your books with ease, collaborate with your accountant, and share data with your Driverseat Business Coach. It also allows us to aggregate data from all franchise locations and analyzes system-wide performance which can be used in our coaching and support. 


Operations Dashboard 

A mobile app and associated dashboard are key differentiators in our industry, and we have implemented one of the most versatile and comprehensive systems available. It is comprised of several functional modules that allow you to fully operate your business within one environment. Consumers use an app to reserve the service and monitor their trip progress. They are also directly connected to their Chauffeur while their trip is active. 

Your operations team will use the dispatch dashboard to manage schedules, create ride reservations, charge credit cards and create invoices. Your Chauffeurs will use the driver app to manage their trips and maintain their personal information. You will use the software to monitor business performance and your Chauffeur’s driving behaviours such as hard stops, acceleration, hard turns, use of cellphones, and more which gives clients the peace of mind that we are audit these things.  



Every franchise location receives a page on the corporate website. You are able to customize your page to reflect your business and write blog content that improves your credibility and searchability on the internet. It also provides your clients with direct links to connect with you to book services.



Want more information on what software Driverseat uses to contribute to business success? Click the video below to watch Luke Bazely, co-founder of Driverseat, as he provides more insight into the technology and tools available for our franchise partners!