How Driverseat is Changing Public Transportation

How Driverseat is Changing Public Transportation

Does your municipality have adequate public transit? High percentages of the population live some distance from their municipality’s fixed route transit system and travelling across longer distances often require several transfers. Public transportation has become expensive, inefficient and in some cases, ineffective.

Particularly in smaller towns or more rural areas, funding a transit system is complicated and generally wouldn’t provide adequate service as those residents often have to leave the community to access amenities, medical treatment, employment or entertainment.

How Driverseat can help:

We offer microtransit, a form of public transit that is more demand-responsive. The system can be designed to provide flexible routing, flexible scheduling, vehicles that are right-sized for the needs of the community and flexible capacity for swings in demand. A well-designed microtransit system can optimize costs, increase service level and respond to changes in the community as it evolves.

There are three microtransit strategies that can be implemented:

Fixed route on a fixed schedule
-vehicles travel on a fixed route following a consistent schedule
-vehicle is right-sized for the application

Fixed route with flagged stops
-vehicles travel on a fixed route and a semi-fixed schedule
-allow for flagged stops which provides the riders with the ability to access the vehicle in a more convenient location

Dynamic routing on-demand
-using software, vehicles are routed in real-time based on the demand of the riders
-vehicle’s route is optimized to minimize wait time and travel time
-the pickup locations can be fixed, semi-fixed or door to door

There are several benefits to implementing a microtransit shuttle system:

Cost optimization & value engineering
-flexible system allows the service to be designed in a way that optimizes the cost of the service
-cost of transit is a significant barrier for many small to medium sized municipalities, rural communities and isolated populations

Rider experience
-no more long wait times, rigid schedules, and limitations on pickup nodes
-microtransit solutions improve the experience of the user by eliminating some of these restrictions

-service can be changed or modified to respond to the evolving needs of the community
-flexibility to do what is needed without concern of significant cost implications or conformity to rigid agreements

Integration with other services
-integration between municipalities and service providers is simpler and more cohesive

Budgets in the public sector are becoming increasingly more challenging to manage. Municipalities are faced with the responsibility of providing effective and efficient transportation that best serves the needs of their residents, particularly the vulnerable sector. A microtransit solution provides the greatest opportunity to eliminate waste, improve the experience, and enhance the flexibility of the service. The Driverseat brand promise is to out-care the competition, and this is evident in every factor of the business, including public sector partnerships.