How Does Driverseat Generate High Profit Margins On Our Shuttles?

How Does Driverseat Generate High Profit Margins On Our Shuttles?

At Driverseat, one of the five principles of our governance model is profit. As a transportation franchise, we tightly manage the operation of our shuttles and as a result, procure significant profit margins. With a laser focus on top-line revenue, we also ensure to never lose sight of the profit we are generating. How do we manage our operations across all Driverseat locations in a way that optimizes the profit margins on our shuttles? Click on the button below to see our top methods. 



  1. At Driverseat, we purpose-build our fleets, allowing Driverseat Franchise Owners to optimize the use of their vehicles. We add vehicles to the fleet in real time based on contracts won or based on hitting predetermined revenue targets by vehicle. This means that there are no Driverseat shuttles sitting idle in the parking lot!


  1. We practice frequent turnover of our shuttles. At Driverseat, we replace vehicles every 36 months, which allows us to minimize repair expense and downtime. These vehicles are then decommissioned and resold for a substantial amount, reducing the overall monthly depreciation. 


  1. At Driverseat, we precisely manage our expenses. All expenses are tracked by vehicle, including insurance, fuel, repairs, licensing, and more. These expenses are compared between vehicles and between locations to ensure every Driverseat location across North America is implementing the best practice there is. Our Franchise Partner network supports each other not only with an endless well of experience but also by combining those experiences to optimize our operations!


  1. At Driverseat, we use innovative, comprehensive dispatch software to manage our services. Using our Sales Portal, we are able to track every vehicle and optimize its use. Additionally, our software reports on driving habits by Chauffeur, ensuring not only safety but the most efficient fuel consumption.


Through constantly innovating and optimizing the way we do things, Driverseat is able to achieve high shuttle profit margins at all our locations. Want to learn more? Have a chat with us and we’d be happy to tell you all about how you can optimize profit at Driverseat.