109 Communities to Receive $375 Million in Funding  

109 Communities to Receive $375 Million in Funding  

How Driverseat is Optimizing the 2021 Ontario Gas Tax Program


During the COVID-19 pandemic, having safe access to transportation has been a struggle for many. It’s crucial to have access to reliable transit services to meet basic needs such as buying groceries and utilizing other essential services. At Driverseat, we take COVID-19 precautions very seriously by ensuring our vehicles are in compliance with the health and safety standards of public transit.  


Caroline Mulroney, the Minister of Transportation, announced that the provincial government is providing 109 municipalities across Ontario a total of $375 million in funding to improve transportation. Funding for each community is based on the amount (litres) of gasoline sold in the previous year. This funding will give municipalities the means to expand transit systems by sustaining and improving their transportation framework.

Driverseat’s mission is to out-care the competition and provide members of its community with an experience that puts safety first. With the government support program in place, starting a Driverseat franchise in one of the communities involved will enrich and expand its transit options. Pursuing this type of contract is exactly what we do while continuing its growth with employee shuttle and consumer services like airport shuttles and wine tours.


In Ontario, exciting opportunities await Driverseat franchisees and those passionate about making a difference in their community through better transportation!


With the provincial government investing an average of $3.4 million per community across the province, transit systems can be implemented and expanded to make transportation more convenient, safer, and more affordable. Being a member of one of the 109 communities in the program allows you to take advantage of this powerful opportunity to support your local community by starting a franchise. 


Whether you are a current franchisee looking to take on a new location or are interested in starting your own business by becoming a franchise owner, get in touch with our franchise development team to learn how to enrich transportation in your community.


Open a new door for your future, as well as your community’s!


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