Driverseat Launches Transportation Service for People-At-Risk

Driverseat Launches Transportation Service for People-At-Risk


Throughout the Waterloo Region, Driverseat now offers a unique, safe, and efficient People-At-Risk transportation service.  The need is overwhelming.  The program is distinctive in many ways, with its extraordinary safety, cautionary, and preventive measures implemented to serve front-line care workers, municipal and hospital employees working in high-exposure areas, long term care employees, COVID-positive patients, and others who face restricted transportation options during the COVID-19 pandemic.


This service uses dedicated vehicles that are segregated from our regular fleet, retrofitted with protective barriers. Chauffeur training has been augmented with specific protocols to keep both our Chauffeurs and clients safe.  The service can be used for:   

  • Medical appointments and non-emergent medical transportation
  • Transportation to COVID testing centres and quarantine facilities
  • Hospital and long-term care employees who are exposed to COVID-positive patients at their work facilities and who must also quarantine away from their families


In addition to the safety precautions, we are implementing more prevention, cleaning, disinfecting, and fogging protocols: 

  • Each vehicle is being treated with the AEGIS Microbe Shield from Protect-Technologies, an antimicrobial treatment that provides long-lasting protection (up to 3 months).  The objective is to achieve “clean” beyond what is “seen” and the main touch points of the shuttle are sanitized by Roxton Wipes
  • Antibacterial sanitizing, fogging and wipe-down before and after every trip with Roxton brand Foggers and Sprayers.
  • Chauffeurs are required to maintain at least 6 feet of separation between themselves and the riders at all times, including during loading and unloading
  • Clients will be asked a series of screening questions to help with prevention and contact tracing
  • Modified vehicle ventilation protocols
  • Real-time mobile app route tracking
  • Contact management and tracing procedures for all passengers


We are now accepting appointments on a limited basis to allow more time in our schedule for the additional protocols. 


For more information or to schedule an appointment: 


Call 1-519-804-2090 or