Your Car Has Abandonment Issues – Guaranteed to Make You Rethink How You Travel

Your Car Has Abandonment Issues – Guaranteed to Make You Rethink How You Travel

DS Image - Working From Home - SMALL FORMATWe’re rolling into the cold season, and just like many of your neighbours, friends and family, you have started poking around the many available online travel sites to find a great vacation deal.  Will it be Cuba, maybe the Dominican Republic, or perhaps you will visit the ancient ruins in Mexico.  You’ve probably started to read the reviews of the different resorts that you are finding, because who wants to spend a week at a place where 13 people had the pleasure of dealing with food poisoning?  As you narrow down the list to present the options to your family, ‘BLING’, you get a pop up offering you a discounted rate at the valet parking lots near the airport.  You instantly realize that you hadn’t contemplated how to get to the airport in the first place, let alone where you would leave your vehicle while you sipped on all-inclusive margaritas.  Problem solved, you print out the coupon and plan to park at the airport.  After all, you have young kids and they need car seats, which eliminates the option of using a shuttle service, right?  Well, not exactly, but we’ll discuss that later on…

Fast forward 7 nights later, you have had a fantastic time, but are getting a little bit homesick, and are ready to get back into a routine.  As you plan for your arrival into temperatures that are likely 30 degrees lower than where you spent the last week, you take one last look out your room window over the ocean where you swam and sunbathed religiously every morning.  Now you bite your bottom lip, and prepare for the trip home.  Getting to the airport was no problem, the flight was what you would have expected, crammed and hot, with mediocre food.  All of your fellow passengers are now racing down the cavernous hallways to try and get to the first open customs officer.  Now, all you can imagine is climbing into your own bed, but alas, you have to get home from the airport first.  As the luggage carousel starts to churn, you find your luggage, and head up to the terminal doors where you will wait for your shuttle to take you over to the parking lot where your vehicle is.  You think, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just get picked up at the door in a nice warm vehicle?”

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Unfortunately, that kind of service would have blown the vacation budget you worked so hard to save for (or so you think).  Finally, you arrive at the parking lot and they bring your car around to you.  It is covered in snow and frigidly cold inside, but it was worth it, because you had a coupon.  You saddle up, and prop your eye lids open for the one hour journey home.

Perhaps, with a little more foresight, you could have changed that nasty experience at the end of your trip, starting from the luggage carousel.  Consider this option: As you haul your luggage off of the conveyor, you simply send a text message to your private chauffeur, and he or she pull around to the terminal doors in a nice warm, snow cleared vehicle, prepared to load your luggage for you and drive you home.  This rock star level treatment must cost an arm and a leg, right?  Well, the answer is no, because the driver is hired, but the vehicle is yours.  There is nothing quite like returning from vacation, and being driven home in the comfort of your own vehicle.  This type of service can often be the least expensive option, is certainly the most desirable option, and leaves your vehicle where it should be when you are traveling, in your own driveway.  Now, if that doesn’t change the way you think about travel, it can only be assumed that you like to pay more for less.


Driverseat offers Airport Drop-off service.  You are taken to the airport in your own vehicle, and it is then returned to your house.  When you arrive back from your trip, the driver will pick up your vehicle at your house and return to the airport to get you.

Driverseat is a vehicle transportation company specializing in Designated Driving, Airport Drop-off, Elderly Accompaniment and Special Event Transportation.