Driverseat Expands into Oakville Ontario

Driverseat Expands into Oakville Ontario



Franchise Owners Kirk Teeple and Maria De Palma announce Grand Opening.

Kitchener, Ontario – Driverseat is proud to announce the opening of the Oakville Ontario franchise. “We are fortunate to have Kirk and Maria as our Franchise Partners in this important market,” states Brian Bazely, Co-founder Driverseat Inc. “We have had an increasing demand for the service in the west end of the GTA and this opening will service those residents.”

Driverseat offers four unique services. The flagship service, Designated Driving, involves having customers designate a professional driver (called a Coachman) to drive their vehicle for them when they are unable, or using good judgment, choose not to drive it themselves. Customers can book the service using the mobile App, or can pre-book a team of Coachmen to transport their guests home from a special event (e.g., a sports tournament, a wedding). Airport Chauffeur provides customers with a Coachman to take them to and from a choice of airports in the comfort of their vehicle. For individuals who may be unable to drive themselves, Assisted Transport offers a Coachman to drive customers in their vehicles to wherever they may need to go (e.g., medical appointment, grocery shopping). The Vehicle Chauffeur service provides a Coachman to relocate a customer’s vehicle across the country, or take it across town for an oil change,

“Kirk has a strong business background and Maria has extensive experience in customer service,“ adds Luke, Co-founder of Driverseat Inc. “Combining their skills and experience with their history in Oakville and our business model makes this launch exciting. Kirk and Maria surpassed our company record for social media activity prior to the launch, demonstrating excellence in this key area.”

“With Oakville’s opening, we now have Driverseat services in over 180 communities across Canada.” remarks Brian. “Customers are adopting the service quickly and are choosing to use Driverseat to make socially responsible choices.”

Driverseat Coachmen use the customer’s vehicle for all services offered. This unique model allows customers to utilize the asset they have paid for, ensuring the best value for the services offered. As a result, services such as Airport Chauffeur can be provided for just over half the price of an airport shuttle or taxi service.

“We are currently hiring additional Coachmen, talking with local businesses and have begun offering all of the services,” states Kirk. “The feedback from friends, business associates, and individuals in the community has been amazing.”

“As residents of Oakville, we are proud to be offering such an important service to our community and one that will make life more convenient for our customers while keeping the streets safe for everyone who lives in Oakville.” adds Maria.

Driverseat Oakville’s Grand Opening celebration launches on June 5th at 5pm and will take place at the King’s Arms Pub (323 Church Street). Celebrations will continue on June 6th at 7:30pm at Drafted Sports Bar & Grill (379 Speers Rd). The community is invited to take part in the fun-filled events. Driverseat Oakville will be offering prizes as well as special rates for their services that weekend.

All proceeds from the Grand Opening will be donated to United Way Oakville. For 60 years, United Way Oakville has been committed to bringing people and resources together to help people in need. Even though Oakville is a thriving and strong community, 26,000 Oakville citizens live in poverty. United Way Oakville funds 32 local social service agencies to meet Oakville’s needs.

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About Driverseat

Founded in 2012, Driverseat is a franchise-based business with the first business unit opened in Ontario. With 4 services available, Driverseat is the solution for anyone interested in getting their vehicle from one point to another, when they are unable to or using better judgment, choose not to drive themselves. Driverseat is offering franchises to qualified individuals across Canada and the U.S. who are interested in providing solutions for their community while creating a strong business for themselves.