Adjusting, Learning and Growing During COVID-19 as a Driverseat Co-op Student

Adjusting, Learning and Growing During COVID-19 as a Driverseat Co-op Student

Adjusting, Learning and Growing During COVID-19 as a Driverseat Co-op Student


Thinking back to my first class in my first semester of school when I began learning the basics about communications seems like a lifetime ago. I always thought about how excited I was to apply for my first co-op job and gain work experience in my field of studies. I fortunately had the opportunity to complete my first co-op in an office setting, in close proximity to other communication professionals without any worry that my other co-op terms would be any different. This semester, I had the choice to take the summer off or continuously apply to jobs in my field that could accommodate working from home due to COVID-19. I knew the jobs would be scarce during this difficult time, however, after weeks of research and many applications and interviews, I found a position that was perfect for me. I got the opportunity to join the Driverseat Head Office marketing team, as the Marketing Coordinator, a franchise that offers Chauffeur and Shuttle services across North America. In my short time of joining the Driverseat team, the organization’s beliefs, tenacity and core values have shown me the importance of not giving up and pushing through critical times. Their leadership has helped develop business strategy and learning, in times where it is critical to adapt to changes beyond our control. They have taught me to speak up, take risks and be creative which has made me feel more confident and has helped me develop my marketing skill sets. Lastly, Driverseat opened my eyes to the importance of being welcomed into a business that cares and enriches their employees’ growth, even when it is from a distance.




Working from home has taken a turn to be the “new normal.”


Driverseat has given me the opportunity to continue my education during this unprecedented time. I am forced to work from home due to the current climate, however, the amount of communication and immediate help as a new student onboard has been incredible. I have encompassed Driverseat’s core values and wake up everyday grateful to be living in an age where our world can continue to perform digitally. 




At Driverseat, I have learned that we are a team!


We are a team that is committed to making this business successful with hard work, commitment and dedication. One of Driverseat’s core values is to “stop at nothing to ensure the success of others” and that is inclusive of employees, leaders, and our franchisees. The leaders in this organization lead by example and every one of our franchise partners carries out these beliefs in their care for their Chauffeurs and their business partners.  




The culture Driverseat illuminates is remarkable.


It almost feels as if the world has flicked an off switch and we are currently closed with the uncertainty of not knowing when things will turn on again. However, Driverseat has encouraged you to open your eyes to a new lens and understand that this isn’t a time to close doors. If anything, it is a time where we have the opportunity to discover new growth and innovate changes for the success of the company and the communities that we serve. 


Overall, I urge all students to continue to look for opportunities in organizations like this one. Culture matters when choosing a place for employment and businesses that continue to invest in education and development during times of difficulty, are where I want to be when we are in times of prosperity.