Driverseat App

Driverseat App

We use an innovative mobile app for all of our services. Whether you need a Chauffeur to get you home, or you are reserving our shuttle to get to the airport, the app makes your experience seamless and enjoyable. Download it now, or alternatively, you can use the online reservation tool below.


Our Driverseat App is Easy to Use


Book Your Chauffeur

Book your Chauffeur using the mobile app. Get a rate estimate, enter promo codes, and select a future date for your convenience.


Confirm Your Chauffeur

Once a Chauffeur (driver) is confirmed, you will be provided with their name, type of chase car they are using, and a photo.


Rate Your Chauffeur

At the end of your ride, rate your chauffeur and provide them with a tip in app. All billing is done directly to your credit card or corporate account.

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