Opportunity and Adapting

Opportunity and Adapting

When we were first introduced to Driverseat back in 2014, it was a small company with simple goals. With a focus on driving our customers vehicles, we offered a new and unique take on chauffeur services. We would drive you to and from the airport in your vehicle. We would take you to and from appointments inn your vehicle. We would relocate your vehicle from one city, province or country to another. And of course we provided a designated driving service where if after a few drinks, we would come and pick you up and get you and your vehicle home. This was what we were. But as is so often with business, the landscape changes and you either have to adapt or you end up missing the opportunity.

Every annual conference we attended we would learn of new and exciting changes to the business. From a game changing mobile app, to seeing the business expand out west to Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, to a whole new revenue model in the form of offering shuttle services. The latter being the biggest shift we have seen in our business, but also the biggest opportunity. One thing that separates our shuttle services from others is that ours is purpose built. We add vehicles as required to ensure we are cost effective and are not sitting on idle vehicles. We also as we like to say, out care the competition. We will work with you to create a schedule that works for you and your company. We will ensure your staff, customers and you feel comfortable and safe while being shuttled to work, the airport, training sessions or wherever the destination is.

Affordable, reliable, professional transportation will always be needed. We at Driverseat are here to provide that for you.

Contact us today to learn more about our shuttle service and how it can be an asset for you and your organization.