How Can Transportation Improve Homelessness

How Can Transportation Improve Homelessness

Living in Grey & Bruce for almost my entire life I understand the challenges to housing and it used to be that living in the small communities like Allenford, Chatsworth or Desboro was historically cheaper for rent!

But this has changed dramatically with the explosive growth of Bruce Power and added demand for affordable housing by attracting contractors to the area.  The Owen Sound Sun Times reports Bruce Power’s $13-billion life-extension program, while bringing many economic benefits, is also noted for “increasing the overall demand for housing.” The nuclear operator employs 4,200 people, with another 2,000 additional skilled trades, about half expected to be drawn from beyond the area in the coming years.  Jobs are being created, communities along the Bruce are flourishing and these are necessary changes for the growth of area but one thing hasn’t changed with all of this…..transportation services!

With many municipalities only willing to provide services within their borders and limited inter-community travel opportunities it is making it increasingly hard for people to live outside of the largest centers and therefore creating an affordable housing crisis.  Rent is as high as it’s been in years in our area and is becoming even less affordable because people are forced to live in our largest centers for lack of transportation options to the smaller communities around them..  This is especially difficult for individuals struggling with Dementia, mobility issues or lack of access to personal transportation.

With a lack of rent inventory in our area the only choices are to a) build more affordable housing or b) increase availability to rent outside of our City centers.  Housing development can take years but transportation can be provided immediately.

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