Top 4 Reasons Companies Are Turning to Driverseat

Top 4 Reasons Companies Are Turning to Driverseat

  1. The Solutions

In building the Driverseat sales process, we carefully crafted it to ensure that we understand the challenge that needs to be solved, as well as what is important to you. For each company or organization, that is different. We have government agencies hire us because of our value proposition and the fact that our brand doesn’t appear that they were overspending on transportation as a black SUV might. Small and medium-sized employers contract us to transport their staff or temp labor because of our agile and nimble solutions, including the types of vehicles that we use. Municipalities partner with us for their senior day programs because of the level of training we provide, and the fact that our Chauffeurs out-care the competition. We are in the business of providing solutions, so do not believe that one size fits all.

  1. The Experience

The Driverseat experience starts the moment you connect with one of our dedicated client experience representatives who will learn about you, answer your questions, and help with the sometimes tricky logistics. Our mobile app technology allows you to monitor the location of your shuttle and communicate with your Chauffeur. Our shuttle service is more than a ride; it’s an experience! Client experience and out-caring the competition is key for our partnerships!

  1. The Chauffeurs

Our highly trained and screened Chauffeurs are professionals. They are required to have a minimum level of experience in the type of work we do, they provide police checks and driver’s abstracts, and they participate in many hours of in-class and on-road training. We have built a corporate culture that ensures the Chauffeurs care about you as much as the owners do. They will stop at nothing to ensure they deliver on our brand promise of out-caring the competition and providing a memorable experience.

  1. The Variety

With a variety of vehicle sizes available, groups of any size can be accommodated. This results in cost-effective solutions because you are not paying for capacity that you do not need. All of the vehicles on our fleet are late model and extremely well-maintained. We take pride in ensuring that our fleet reflects our brand and our promise for a great experience.