Are you worried about your employees/guests driving home after Christmas Party?

Are you worried about your employees/guests driving home after Christmas Party?

A Christmas Party is an organization’s long term investment in the future to make a stronger bond with its employees. It also helps to fill out the gaps and differences between colleagues. All private and government organizations plan months ahead and spend thousands of dollars to host the most memorable Christmas Party. There is food, fun, music, games, and alcohol. In the end, some people take a cab home, which is great and few people take the risk and drive home under the influence of alcohol.

This happens more often than you think, even after companies repeatedly discouraging employees from doing this. Companies go as far as sending memos to warn employees with the consequences of driving under the influence during the busy holiday season. Companies can’t afford to have an employee lose his license. Let’s make sure no such thing happens this year!

At Driverseat, we provide Designated Driver Teams or Private Shuttles for personal events and corporate parties. We have a few options for our unique Designated Driver (DD) service package and Private Shuttle package to suit your needs.

Designated Driver Service Package:

Driverseat will place a uniformed coordinator at your event. The coordinator will supply the first available team for your event, He will be able to handle all the DD booking for your event.

DD Option A

Do you plan on covering the cost of your employees/guests or do you want to cover part of the cost? You can pre-set the amount you will be covering towards the DD service (e.g. $20 towards the ride or a certain percentage)

DD Option B

Book a team of Designated Drivers to be at your event and to drive your employees/guests home in their own cars. You can choose the number of teams you would like. They will drive your employees/guests to their homes at allotted times and in the direction of the host.

Cost: $125 per hour per team, minimum of 3-hour charge per team


Private Shuttle Package:

Driverseat will provide a uniformed driver and a wrapped minivan (6-passenger) at your event. The shuttle driver will provide multiple trips in Edmonton and surrounding areas to pick up or drop-off your employees/guests home safely.

Cost: $79 per hour per shuttle, minimum of 2-hour per shuttle. Unlimited km!

To get a customized quote or for information on how we can help, please reach out to Driverseat Calgary at (587) 355-5905 or