Our Medical Transportation Services

Our Medical Transportation Services

The Situation

My Dad is turning 97 very soon. He is mobile – sort of – in that he uses a cane and sometimes a walker. He needs to go to medical and therapy appointments, but has chosen not to leave the house, unless I can take him to the appointment. 


Three reasons: he’s overwhelmed by the process of simply getting to appointments; he’s scared of contracting COVID-19; and he feels inadequate when he talks to the service providers. I’m sure this is similar for many other people in the vulnerable segments of our community.


How Can Driverseat Help?

  • Uniformed Chauffeurs, who are caring, compassionate, attentive and focused only on the particular needs of each client.  
  • Chauffeurs who are hand picked and highly trained to offer reassurance, trust and consistent service.
  • Chauffeurs who take extreme precautions for COVID-19 prevention.
  • Vehicles that are easy to see, access, and exit, with comfortable seating.
  • Technology to ensure seamless, interconnected and flexible provision of service along with up to date tracking for concerned family members.
  • Collaboration, partnership and communication with the medical service provider, client, and family members to track progress throughout the trip.
  • A seamless process to make the experience memorable and enjoyable.
  • Accessing products from Roxton that are utilized in the disinfecting of our shuttles  follow as but are not limited to: Protect 90, Roxton Wipes, and their Foggers and Sprayers.


Standard public transportation and  disabled services are not always equipped to provide sufficient care needed by these people. There is often a lack of training and understanding of what is required to provide more vulnerable clients the support they need. This could include loading or unloading, escorts into offices, reassurance, or special attention for clients with Alzheimer’s, dementia or autism.

With advanced training, our Chauffeurs at Driverseat are responsive to any situation they face. Our clients arrive safely at their destination, and escorted  into the appointment or store if required. Where requested, the Chauffeur will wait for the appointment to finish and then return the client back home to maintain continuity and consistency. 

People want and need to maintain their independence, and access to services, medical treatment and amenities is critical to protect that freedom. Driverseat excels at working with the vulnerable sector, collaborating with our business partners, building custom solutions for our clients,  and out-caring the competition. 



How Do I Book with Driverseat?

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