New Transportation Service Launches for People At Risk

New Transportation Service Launches for People At Risk

Due to the overwhelming number of requests we have received to transport those who are confirmed to have or are suspected to have come in contact with the COVID virus, we are officially launching a service to respond. The availability of transportation for this population is minimal or non-existent. We have developed the safety protocols necessary to provide this type of service as long as the need exists. This could include transportation to medical facilities, testing centres, quarantine hotels/facilities, or home.

Focused on the needs of our clients, LHINs, Public Health, long term care, and hospital facilities, we are now taking appointments and have limited spots available. Whether the need is for a single trip or for ongoing shuttle services, we have programs that are scalable and flexible. This could also include segregated vehicle transfers for employees of hospitals and long term care facilities in specially-assigned and disinfected vehicles to ensure heightened safety and passenger protection.

Driverseat Inc. is one of very few transportation providers in Canada that is agile enough and equipped to provide this essential service. Safety protocols are paramount for delivering such a sensitive and critical service:

  • Enhanced training for Chauffeurs
  • Dedicated and comfortable vehicles are allocated exclusively for people at risk
  • Physical safety barriers are installed between patients and Chauffeurs
  • Shuttle rides and routes are established for single-patient (and one caregiver/family member)
  • Intensive disinfecting and fogging protocols – both antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment
    • The materials, equipment, and procedures are specially-sourced and prescribed for their efficacy and safety
  • Contact management and tracing procedures are in place
  • Real-time mobile app route tracking
  • Easy scheduling through state-of-the-art booking technology
  • Daily health checks for Chauffeurs
  • Modified vehicle ventilation protocols
  • Full PPE adherence and strict social distancing protocols for both client and Chauffeur round out the preventive areas that are rigorously enforced and followed


These extra steps are necessary for the safety of our Chauffeurs and the community. The Driverseat Chauffeur explains these steps with every client before they enter our vehicles to create peace of mind and reassurance. This white-glove service is simply part of our brand promise to “out-care the competition”.

Call 519-804-2090 or email to schedule. Keep safe. We will help.