Ottawa Shuttle Service | Driverseat Ottawa

Ottawa Shuttle Service | Driverseat Ottawa

It’s no secret that getting around Ottawa can be difficult — public transit can take a long time, and there are fewer cars on ride-hailing apps, not to mention finding parking or leaving your car behind if you plan on drinking at your event. Well, not anymore! With a private Ottawa shuttle service from Driverseat, you can ride in comfort, safety, and style. 

We are so excited to open a new chapter of Driverseat in Ottawa! We can’t wait to bring you to all your events in the 613 with our courteous chauffeurs. Driverseat is a unique, care-based transportation company with more than 400 communities served in Canada and the United States. In Ottawa, our shuttle service is perfect for group transportation to weddings, sports events, airport transfers, winery tours, and so much more! 

Benefits of Shuttle Service in Ottawa

Shuttle Service is Safe and Secure 

When you are in a new city, or even if you’re an Ottawa local touring your hometown as a tourist for the day, it’s easy to get lost, especially with some of the online directions! Our experienced chauffeurs take care of all the routing, mapping and driving so you know you’re going to reach your destination in an optimal time with no stress. No worrying about parking either. Plus, when going out for a winery tour, a hockey match or a concert, it’s so important to have a designated driver so everyone can get home safely and you don’t need to pick up your car from the place the next day. 

Shuttle Service is Pre-booked and Planned 

Have you ever had a ride-hailing app not find you a driver when you really needed one? Or a driver cancelled on you? It can be stressful! Or if you don’t know someone to drive you or pick you up in the city. When you book a private shuttle service for your Ottawa event, whether you are going to a hockey game with a large group, to Kin Vineyards nearby, or even booking our group transportation for a wedding, your ride is pre-planned, booked, and 100% confirmed so you can have fun knowing you are going to have a responsible and safe way to get home. Driverseat ensures you have a reliable and stress-free experience every time.

Driverseat Shuttle Service is high-quality

Our private shuttle vehicles comfortably seat from 4 to 14 people so you can take a whole wedding party to a venue, or just you and your family to the YOW airport. Ride in comfort and privacy, with lots of storage for your luggage or changes of clothes. We never have surge pricing or cancelled rides — your peace of mind is a priority for our private shuttle service in Ottawa. 

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