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Your Designated Driver.

Designated Driver

Get you and your car home safely.
Let us be your designated driver.

If you’re impaired due to alcohol, drugs or a medical procedure, Driverseat’s Designated Driver service is a cost effective and convenient alternative to leaving your vehicle behind or taking a taxi.

Here’s how it works

Download our fully automated Driverseat mobile app to book the service, get a detailed trip outline and be connected to a Coachman — your designated driver! The Coachman and Chaser will arrive at your location, and then the Coachman will drive you home in your vehicle.

We even take the worry out of billing — with the iPhone app or Android app, it’s all automated through credit card.

Taxes included, gratuity welcomed.

Designated Driver

$15starting at
  • Based on time and distance.

Call your local franchise for hours.

Get hooked up with a ride.

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