How Do COVID-Positive Patients Get to Their Medical Appointments?

How Do COVID-Positive Patients Get to Their Medical Appointments?

At Driverseat, our brand promise is to out-care the competition. This complements one of our core values, which is to “Stop at nothing to ensure the success of others.” We have developed the unique ability to pivot on a dime to look after the shifting and urgent needs of our clients. We collectively ask, daily, “How can we help?”.


Here’s an example: we already have strong working relationships with hospitals, outpatient clinics, long-term care and retirement residences. A significant portion of our business-to-business activities services these groups. What we’re learning from this population is that there is a real gap in services for people who are confirmed to be COVID positive. That is something we are prepared to address. 


In the past couple of weeks, we have been approached by partners and contacts at the LHIN / Public Health and hospital networks and long-term care facilities, asking us to create a program to look after shuttle services for COVID-positive community members that are both safe and efficient. How can we help? 


The feedback has consistently been that transportation companies are not providing service to those who are at risk or have tested positive, and understandably so. It can be a scary proposition, unless you have significant safety protocols in place to protect Chauffeurs and all others involved. We have almost completed our program to address this. We are coining it the Extreme Care COVID Service, unprecedented in its level of caution, compassion and safety.  


We are answering the call. Stay tuned for more info on the launch of the program, our safety protocols, vehicle retrofitting and enhanced Chauffeur training. Spots will be limited and by appointment only. Feel free to reach out to Driverseat for more information.