The Future of Transportation is Here and We’re in the Driver’s Seat

The Future of Transportation is Here and We’re in the Driver’s Seat

Over the next year, you’re going to see a lot of changes coming to Driverseat. Transportation is changing at exponential rates and we have never been better positioned to respond. We are building strategic partnerships and competencies that will allow us to launch new services and continue to expand our network of franchises across Canada and the U.S. With a vision “to become a household name in transportation”, we have a goal to double in size in 2021. 

It is exciting to see the evolution of transportation happening at such incredible speeds. The mode of travel is changing, as is the design of the service. 

The emergence of electric vehicles will force entire industries to adapt. The oil and gas industry must now invest heavily into green energy and electric vehicle infrastructure or risk the same fate as Blockbuster when movie rentals turned to streaming through Netflix. Automotive manufacturers, particularly the ‘Big 3’, have to invest in new startups like Fisker and Lordstown Motors to have a seat at the table with Tesla, now the most valuable automobile manufacturer. 

Autonomous vehicles will force companies like Driverseat to adapt to understand how that impacts their workforce. We believe firmly that while we may not need a Chauffeur’s hands on the wheel to operate the vehicle, the high-care, white glove service we provide will likely require their presence for the trip. That may not be the case for companies like Uber, Lyft or taxi operators as they will likely become fully autonomous.

Beyond the changes in vehicles and technology, the design of public transportation will see more adaptation in the next 18 to 24 months than it has seen in a century. 

Fixed schedule and fixed route transit being operated in large buses that are only partially filled is being replaced with more nimble and agile systems. Microtransit and on-demand transit is taking over as a far superior solution to public transportation. Many communities have launched pilot programs, and some are in the early stages of a full implementation. Driverseat is participating in pilot programs and we are building strategic partnerships across North America to continue to expand this vertical. 

Accessible transportation continues to be overwhelmingly underserviced, making it extremely difficult for those with disabilities, cognitive challenges or mobility limitations to travel with the same ease as the able-bodied population. We have identified this as a significant gap in the industry and will be taking measures to adapt our service offering to accommodate it. 

Transportation for at-risk individuals, particularly those who suspect or have confirmed that they have contracted the Corona virus have extremely limited options to get to an appointment or testing center. We believe that this pandemic is not going to be the last significant risk to public health, so we are building systems and protocols to ensure that this service is available to those who need it without risk to the Chauffeur.

The future is exciting and the opportunity is tremendous. We are grateful and feel extremely fortunate to be in a position to continue our growth trajectory given the circumstances. The future of transportation is here… 

Luke Bazely is President and co-founder of Driverseat Inc. Collectively, Driverseat has nearly 30 locations in Canada and the U.S. providing transportation to close to 400 communities.