How Driverseat Persevered Through the Pandemic

How Driverseat Persevered Through the Pandemic


Recently, CEO Brian Bazely spoke to The Globe and Mail, one of Canada’s top newspapers, about navigating the pandemic while operating a business. Driverseat was highlighted alongside other small businesses regarding their strategies in managing a franchise business during the global shutdowns.

Small businesses were greatly affected as a result of the pandemic. Driverseat had to get creative and find ways to utilize what we do best to help flatten the curve as well as keep our Chauffeurs on the road. By implementing initiatives like Shop & Drop, we were able to provide families with a safe way to receive groceries.


After a long 18 months, Driverseat is coming out of the pandemic stronger than ever. Our franchise locations have continued to expand their fleets and teams, grow their revenue streams and receive high demand as our world has begun to reopen.

The Driverseat franchise has been designed to tackle issues even as large as a global pandemic. While owning a business can be frightening in a time of uncertainty, our team of leaders are able to guide Franchise Partners to success.

You can read more about navigating the pandemic in the Globe and Mail article here: